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E46 mkIV Sat Nav drive. Only works when eject held? No power light.


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Hi Guys.

I've just picked up a DVD drive sat nav to replace my CD unit. If I plug in the DVD nothing works unless I hold down the eject button constantly. If you do this then the red power light comes on and it starts to work fine. As soon as you let go of the button then the screen goes off again as does the power light on the unit. Also, unless you keep down the button for it to power up, and then let go and press the eject button again quick, the DVD won't eject, as if the unit is missing power to eject.


Mine is a 2003 330D, the unit is in the boot and has the standard red and blue connectors. Old CD unit works fine. DVD drive comes from a Range Rover (but as I say, works fine if the eject button is held).


Is there a different power pin on the DVD drive to the CD which is missing? Does anyone have the pin layout so I can check for missing power?


Anyone any ideas?


Much appreciated all.  :)

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