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Laggy DSG - getting worried


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Hey Guys, not been around much over the last couple of years after heading to NZ and not having a fun car to play with for a while.


Now a sprog is around I have a sensible car that I am loving, but suspect it might have an issue.  Bought a 2010 Passat estate 2.0Tdi 4 Motion Estate.  Nice car, tows well and has heaps of space for all the gear I seem to be lugging around at the moment.


The issue is that there seems to be a bit of lag in the DSG box on initial take-off.  I drove a 2013 Tiguan R the other day with DSG and off the line it seemed like it pulled really well.  Also other DSG's I have driven I didnt notice the same lag.  Its like you boot it, it slowly engages the clutch then finally starts to pick up.  Off the line at roundabouts I have had a couple of nervous moments.


Any thoughts, known issues or things I should check?


Its done 50,000km for the record and had full service history and no warranty work at all.


Cheers guys!

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We dont really get cold here... ;)


No, havent heard any bangs other than when the o/h reversed the tow-bar into a wall.  Although thinking about it, sometimes it seems to get a bit confused if it tries changing up just as I put the toe down firmly and I guess does a skipped gear change.

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Lol! Don't assume anything with regards to dealers and their service departments.

Find a very reputable independent and at the next service get them to do the DSG and the Haldex fluids (& filters). I had mine done at the 2nd year major service (& agin later this year) and have had zero problems. I do drive in manual mode though.

The other thing is go and see an APR dealer and look at the reflash options for the DSG box. They had some that took care of known issues with the standard software.

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