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Master v Apprentice


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QPR v Derby County


Was listening to the 2nd half as I cooked dinner.

QPR down to 10 men, and Harry played a blinder with his substitutions atter that.


Managed to win the game as his defence stood firm and Zamora took their only oppotunity when it presented itself 3 minutes from time!!


Well done Harry, back in the Premier League.

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Derby look devastated.  I've only caught the second half out here but that is about as hard a way to lose your chance of the biggest prize in football as I've ever seen.


In a way I think it was worse than penalties.


One fall guy, one hero, last minute.


What Schteve has done there is nothing short of miraculous, but the rise of Redknapp again is quite something.


Defending is an art as much as attacking is, and then completely sucker punched Derby.

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That's why he's done such an incredible job.


I don't think they'd have topped Leicester or Burnley to be honest.


Oh and my manager of the year is at Burnley.  What he did this year is as close to a miracle as you'd ever get - and a damned nice bloke who was very badly treated beforehand.

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