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XCAR Vid; Gordon Bennett! The godfather of F1. (Morgan V6 and content)


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Thanks. One of the producers picks the music.

The engine is the 3.7 litre V6 found in the US spec Mustang. The dials and electronics in that Morgan are all lifted from the Mustang. The power almost overwhelms the rest of the car at time but it is a special machine to drive quickly (and we did).

The start up scene was in an abandoned barn we found around the back of the castle, it's a place called Ducketts Grove in Ireland (check it on wikipedia!). The locals were funny. They kept saluting as we drove past, one even held a sweeping brush over his shoulder like a rifle. At the pub there were two guys, handcuffed together, one a chav in a tracksuit and tattoos, the other a security guard in cheap suit. Only in Ireland :)

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