Audi a6 2007 3.2 electrical issue

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My lights are going out. Its been a couple weeks now since they've been out.  Its only the right side though. Rear right Fog light out. Rear right Break light out. Front right day light, out. And now the tyre pressure sensor kicked on. My tires were a little low so got them filled. Now it stayed on and now its off. The tires are fine. Tire pressure is stored. My friend mechanic checked the power panel by the steering wheel side, circuits were not damaged or broken. Not sure what is going on. Someone help? 

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You could be getting moisture in on the contacts in the rear light cluster.  Causing poor connection and increasing the resistance making the car register different values.

My mate's 57 plate A6 Le Mans had the light issues.  He cleaned the connectors and it was OK.  But had to keep doing it.

one of the moisture seals might be poor....


Hope that helps.

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