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Touareg owners not a net-savvy lot?


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First post in a long while... but I've been wondering if the vast majority of Touareg owners aren't particularly net savvy?

There seems to be very little said about the Treg in discussion forums outside of the US. My own site, mytouareg.co.uk has 27 registered members, which is great, but must be less than 0.1% of all UK Treg owners...

Maybe most Treg owners are, in fact, pipe smoking retirees who've never heard of t'Internet... frightening! blush.gif

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I think the car itself is fantastic in many respects; great road presence, still quite rare, handles much like a saloon, is by far the most comfortable car I've ever driven, has a great cabin and even manages not to feel too sluggish with 'only' a 3.2 V6.

But it's not all good news. The service from VW and the dealer has been patchy at best, and there have been too many niggles for a £38k car.

Despite countless visits to the garage, the interior still creaks like crazy on cold mornings and there are few minor electrical / computer bugs which can get annoying.

But I would be lying if I said I didn't love it. Having come from the hot hatch school (Alfa 33 Perm4, Saxo VTR, 206GTi, Audi S3) it's amazing how much I enjoy the Touareg's 'grace' over 'pace'...

Of couse, I'm lucky enough to be able to nick the wife's Boxster S when I feel the need for speed!

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