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In response to some recent posts regarding MILLENIUM OBD TUNING. As we are the north west dealers for said item, We have carried out over 100 conversions to quite a range of different makes of cars including many varients of VW. in all, we have never encountered so much as a misfire from any of them including 10 cars we programed in tenerife which run in temperatures of 100 degrees plus, I personally run a Passat 130TDI PD sport estate which had covered 79,000 miles when i bought it, I downloaded the modified program, and to date the car has covered over 94,000miles without so much as a misfire,the conversion took the power up to 180bhp and well in excess of 300lbf Torque. And both driveshafts,gearbox,clutch, crankshaft and the rest of the engine are working the same as the day it left the factory and is returning an average of 40mpg according to the computer

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