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Chrome problem?


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Hi to all

I have been looking over the last month at buying a Touareg and in my search yesterday went to VW in Kidlington, Oxford as they had a red with Sunny Beige which i wanted to see and they could not send pics. It was awful, looked like a old mans car (sorry if i offend anyone). As i waited to be served 45 mins (coffee and my 7 week old baby in tow, seemed 45 hours) i walked around out side and looked at another Touareg, this had the chrome on and had very badly discoloured. I had seen this on a Touareg in MK last month. When i asked about it they said it is only a tempory problem as it is the chemicals they use to take the wax off the cars when they come in? But this was an 03 car. Has anyone had problems with chrome pack.

Also test drove the 3.2 and found it a lot qiucker than the 2.5d. I thought i had made my mind up but now thinking again.

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Having to wait a long time is inexcusable, but Motorworld just recently lost its (very competent) Luxury Car Manager, and maybe they are feeling the loss. However, I can vouch for their top notch Touareg technician.

I have a 3.2 Sport with chrome pack and have not had any discolouring. As long as you keep it clean (and clear any watersports after washing), it always comes up well.

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