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A4Cab 3L in Car Magazines 100 u should be driving


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Starting this month they are listing the 100 cars you should be driving, the RS6, A2, A8 & TT V6 are also in their smile.gif

I had to laugh at the text under the A4Cab, exact text below: smile.gif

Why is it here?

On Looks alone the car is a masterpiece, a flowing bit of automotive sculpture. The fact it is so well assembled and so nice to cruise around in just adds sugar. Same slightly pimpy image as the old Cabrio is the only real downside. Move yo ass ho!

Do Mention: Investment grade residuals

Dont Mention: Medium term hair loss


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I was told today that my car was "the car of choice of the successful gay man"!

The lady who told me this asked me if I had been "hit on" by anyone since I got it. I replied "only by your husband, although to be honest he'd been hitting on me before I got the Cabrio"


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grin.gif Yeah I did!! I must admit, I was quietly impressed myself, like you I usually think of the perfect retort three days later.....!! grin.gif

Even better it was in the office car park, and I'd just pulled up, and she then said "Are you going in or coming out" [of the office], and I replied "clearly I've already 'come out', look at my car!" Which got a laugh. grin.gif

Probably the first and last time I thought of a good answer on the spot...!


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