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Wrong size tyres!


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You may recall a "contact" of mine had got me 4 x brand new Michelin PS2 XL's - for £650.

That is cost price basically.

However, I went to have them fitted this morning....

And...spotted that he'd got the wrong sized rears!

225/35 x 19 instead of 255/35 x 19. The fronts are correct at 225/40 x 19.

Thankfully he's going to get me them changed but I have to wait until next Wednesday for supply.

Price wise, in case you're interested, the cost of these tyres from the manufacturers (direct) is as follows:

225/40/19 Michelin PS2 XL = £146.98ea (inc VAT)

255/35/19 Michelin PS2 XL = £208.04ea (inc VAT)

So, the full set will cost me £710.04 including VAT and that is a fitted price.

That is exceptional. BlackCircles, who lets face it are very competitive, would charge £938.08 fitted.

So, £200+ saved. Well happy. He owed me a big favour so agreed to supply at the price he gets them at (and even showed me the invoice to prove it because I'm a cynic...)

However, as I say, bit disappointed today but the proper sizes are due in next week.

Until then, I have to put up with this ContiCrap set.

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