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My first few weeks with the GTI


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Gareth has been beating me up for not posting smashfreakB.gif

My thoughts after 1000+ miles in the car.


It was a choice between the Sportback and GTI. In the end I couldnt love the looks of a Sportback and lust was the GTI. Still like it and growing even more attached.


Love it. Doesnt have the cramped feel of the Sportback (good if you are 5ft, which I am not) and the materials are as good. Ive got Leather and its just a nice place to be. Still like the Blue dials at night. Feels well built, just a bit too much wind noise from the driver door - might need to get the seals looked at.

Stereo - Oh dear - The worst part of the car, its 2005 not 1980, VW you could do better. My wife's Meriva is better. Audi's Bose system feels like the 31st century in comparison.


Euro IV - get shot of it soon. Every car I drive with it suffers from smooth take offs and the GTI isnt winning an award, better than my old R32 though. On the whole though its probably the best 2.0 and less engine Ive ever owned. The 1.8T in 225, 210, 180 and 150 guise is just nowhere near as nice. The engines I compare it to are my RS4 and S4 - ok not as powerfull, but damn nice. I'm sure the engine will get better with time.


Its impressive. Better in day to day driving than an R32, the midrange overtaking is impressive and I'm overtaking where I wouldnt in the R32 - been driving the same road home for 10 years!!. On the motorway its love, got 40mpg going north this week and wasnt crawling. 32mpg coming back - amazing what the wind does to mpg shocked.gif After a type r and 182 recently the engine is 200% nicer.


Not really pushed it to 100%, but my old Accord felt a lot sharper and the 182 runs rings around it. It handles nicely, but it is certainly a compromise. Wont win an award on the handing stakes. I also doubt that in the wet it will really deal with 240+bhp, Ive had the ESP light at low speeds and mid throttle positions in 2nd shocked.gif

My ideal would be the GTI with 4wd and 250bhp. Looks 200% nicer than the Sportback and has the extra character.

Jonathan 169144-ok.gif

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Thanks for posting your thoughts. Disappointing to hear the stereo isn't much cop, that was the one area I didn't test and with Satnav there isn't much scope for upgrade. What aspect do you find poor, would a speaker upgrade and a sub make a difference?

As for the Euro IV emissions standards, these are going to get tighter and tighter in years to come so manufacturers are going to have to work continuously at upgrading their engines to meet them. In the future we'll drone on to youngsters about how good driving in this age was, it's all downhill from here UHOH7.GIF

Agree about the Sportback, ugly little car even for an Audi.

But what is a 182?

And where are your impressions now you've had yours a couple of weeks Gareth 169144-ok.gif

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Hiya Chins,

Good little review. Know what you mean about the Sportback vs GTI.

Am happy with my choice and had to order and get something and couldn't wait for a GTI even if I wanted to. I have the car for 4 yes 4 years and as some other in my company have had GTIs fall to bits in that time went for the Sportback.

Glad you have the same views on the engine. 169144-ok.gif

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I'm inclined to agree with all of your postive comments Chins 169144-ok.gif

So far this car has met all of my expectations and I don't have (worthwhile wink.gif) grumbles whatsoever jump.gif

And on a boring note it's just so practical too. Went to Suffolk 2 weeks ago to the in-laws and the GTI averaged 38mpg and we got everything in the GTI that went in the X5 and it maybe even had a little more boot space than the BMW... EEK2.GIF

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Not sure why people compare GTI with Sportback - surely A3 3dr (3.2) is a better comparison?

Stereo - AGree that stereo could be much better - based on previous cars I would say a better amp (within the unit) should be tried before speakers.

Interior - material quality not as good as A3 (no comparison for Audi whcih was my previous car), but light years ahead of BMW.

Chins - engines don't "come with Euro IV" - Euro IV is an emissioms standard set by the Gov't/EU that affects company car tax.

Overall, I've enjoyed my GTI. I've not had a car as pwerful before so maybe that affects peoples views. VW over BMW anyday!!!

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Good to hear Gareth. 38mpg is great, I'll be well pleased if I get over 30mpg when I get mine. How did the passengers rate the comfort over a long journey?

[/ QUOTE ]

well the passengers were a) My GF who always gripes when i drive and b) My dog who is the ideal back seat driver as he keeps quiet!!!

Seriously though it's a very practical car...you'll love it smlove2.gif

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