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Engine rattle (tappets)


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Hi Guys

I have an annoying problem with my 1.0e lupo 1999.

I have had the car 12 month and only done 4000 miles since i bought it. It's NOW at 57000 and the tappets are starting to make intermittent rattles every 2-3 seconds apart. Has ANYONE on the Forum got experience with this problem and perhaps know what is causing it? I can only think of 2 possible causes. 1 oil pressure from the pump or 2 a damaged Hydraulic lifter. That is assuming the lupo HAS hydraulic lifters??? Any help wouild be greatly appreciated.

Other than that i just want to get the Suspension raised back up as it has 40mm lowering kit fitted and it's too stiff a ride for me i just want it back to standard.


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