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Battery capacity


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Anyone know what sort of load a standard Battery can take?

The reason why I ask is because my stereo system which comprises of the following is giong to draw about 130amps. Do you guys think I'll need to change it?

If I do upgrade do I have to change the Alternator?

I understand there is an Aux. BAttery above the main one in the boot for some 4.2quattro's, is this simply charged by the alternator using a split charge relay circuit and what do I need to install one into my V6 ACK i.e is the aux. battery ventilated or sealed etc.

Stereo system list:


TV/monitor + CD changer


DVD palyer

Rear TFT screen

V12 4 channel amp

V12 2 channel amp

2x10" type R subs

ancillaries fans relays etc

Yes I do live in my car and I'm working on installing a fridge later on 169144-ok.gifgrin.gif

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The battery is just a storage unit. If your only going to be using the audio when the car running you might need a bigger alternator, Most A8 have 90AMP alternators with most bigger engines one comming fitted with 120AMP ones.

Would have thought your best investment with that sort of system would be a power cap. This is like a very fast discharging battery. It will take the shock loads of the alternator when the bass line going. 169144-ok.gif

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no need for alternator..like tobes said u need a capcitor:

here is some good info why u need one:


also i highly recommend gell cell batteries...more expensive then regular but last alot longer and hold better charge..


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