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Door seals.......wind noise

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Having just cleaned the golf again.I noticed something which I haven't seen before...Door seal which isn't attached to the door and looks like it never had been.And then having checked all of them,right the way around the door found 3 out of 4 doors seals not stuck correctly......Made good now and the car doors seem better and also they seem to shut with a nice thuuuuud sound...

So when youv'e finished cleaning yours have a good check of you door seals.....

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I mentioned this problem on a recent post. Both of mine did the same thing. Although you may have managed to stick them back, I guarantee that they will come unstuck again within 2 weeks, especially if a bit of water gets trapped in them after driving in the rain.

They will eventually totally fall off on the underside of the door, get some grit trapped in them and scuff your paintwork every time you close the door, a real bummer.

I recommend that you go to the dealer and ask them to be replaced, this seems to be a common problem - and they should sort it without question. Alternatively, wait until they have come away again and take it in to the dealers straight away.

I had mine replaced yesterday, they seem to be fine so far and I think that they have resolved the slight bit of drivers side wind noise 60 mph. I had to wait for 2 weeks for them to get the seals in, but were fitted in 30 minutes while I waited.

Get it done sooner rather than later!

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