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Sign of the times, or what?


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I read in Evo that they might not be completing the full run of Porsche's carrera GT!

Bearing in mind they were only going to make 1,500 of them, the fact that they may close the book at 1,250 I find absolutely staggering!!

When this car came out, much like other limited run supercars certain clued up specialist dealers got themselves on the list early in order to get a car and then sell it on to someone who'd missed the list for a premium. Standard practice.

William Loughran had two, both marked up at about £50K over list if I recall, clearly certain that demand would outstrip supply and then some.

Well they were wrong. And so was I, I saw this as a serious premium car. So far Porsche have only managed to place 1,100 of them...

The last time this happened was before the economy crash of the early '90s, when the Jaguar XJ220 supercar failed miserably against expectations of demand, and many speculators either tried to cancel their order or lost a lot of money. Final cars were sold off by Jaguar for far far less than the initial asking price.

Now the Jag was a bit different, they promised a V12 and it arrived with a V6 Turbo, which disappointed a lot of people who felt this wasn't a supercar with this engine. But clearly the economy had a large part to play in its failure. It was released just as property prices ceased their meteoric rise and were about to go into freefall, other "premium" products released at the same time had an igmonious reception, anyone remember the Yamaha Supercar? Thought not... The money just wasn't there, and the recession of the early '90s hit hard.

But the Porsche Carrera GT is a hypercar. V10 race engine, looks to die for, sublime detailing, rave reviews, can't fault the car surely?

Crikey, they only need to shift 1,500 worldwide! So far they've manged to find buyers for 1,100 only...

Where the hell is everyone? confused.gif

So did the car miss the mark or is the money just not out there anymore...? UHOH7.GIF

Is history repeating itself...?

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I wish!

But yes, they are staggering cars! All the performance and looks and pedegree and exclsivity you could ever hope for.

Which is why I was stunned to read that they'd not just not been inundated with orders, but actually had fallen short by a wide margin.

Really makes no sense to me which is why I posted it up, see what other people thought... crazy.gif

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