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I had always thought I was a self-taught 'expert' at car-washing, but thanks to this Clearning forum I've certainly picked up a LOT of info over the last 12 months or so.

Time to say thank you!

Anyway, I put in some effort yesterday on a rare day off from work, and used the following:

Megs NXT Shampoo - 2 bucket system with Megs Wash Mitt

Home-made suds 'lance' (?!)

Megs Alloy Wheel Cleaner plus various Megs wheel brushes

1 x coat of Megs NXT Tech Wax

2 x costs of Megs NXT Spray Wax

Megs Window Polish

Several aching hours later, the car was in the garage having been buffed with a Megs Terry Towel (lot of Meg's products today!), and stood back to see a perfect finish. Unfortunately it then started raining, so I took this photo in the garage rather than drive out and ruin my handywork ... !



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