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Le Mans


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Yeah, like 2 Months ago!!!

But don't worry still loads of places you can get them, but you'll be paying a bit more for packages etc. A lot of places are already sold out, but you usually find there are plenty of over bookings...

ebay is another option, got 4 Camping tickets for only £5 over the listed price last year... Pistonheads lads usually have a few spare ones kicking around too...

Most people who reserved tickets have just been given confirmation over the last week, so you should start seeing a few coming up for sale soon...

Otherwise, contact: -

Just Tickets

MRI (Motor Racing International)




There are a few more places but you should find what you're looking for... But my advice, I'd get booking now, especially if you have a travel day/time preference!

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Can recommend MRI, but don't go by coach - it's feckin painful!

Plenty of time yet to get tickets for the race, but you'll need to sort out accommodation soonish. Afraid I can't help much in terms of contacts etc cos someone else has done it for me both times I've been!

Just started planning (well, sent a txt so far...) for next year. Hopefully we'll be in a motorhome out by Arnage. 169144-ok.gif

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