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Does anybody know, (discreetly of course) how to turn off the speed limiter for the t.v. screen. It is possible i'm told, found a website for BMW but none for these yet.

[/ QUOTE ]

Tell me about it!!

I obviously don't condone unsafe driving practices, but for the sake of the kids or anyone else in the car WHO ISN'T RUDDY DRIVING, i do find this safety feature incredibly frustrating!!

Not only that, i think the picture isn't particularly good either. I get a snowy picture most of the time and often wonder if the aerial is at fault.

It'd be wonderful to be able to pick up freeview digital and have it showing whilst in motion, oh in a perfect world... ROLLEY~14.GIF

Mind you, thinking about it, couldn't you use the same principle as FM tuned CD changers? (i.e. you install a CD multichanger which you set to a certain frequency and then you just tune to that frequency using your fm radio - ideal for situations where there is just no option to connect a cd changer via phono, ai-net or any other way because of a car manufacturers' factory install limitations).An ex-girlfriend had one of these installed in her pug 306, and the loss of any signal was virtually impossible to detect.

It'd be great if, just if, you could have some kinda device which allows you to connect digital devices tuned to a particular RF frequency and then tune in to them?! All you would need is some form of inversion for the freeview box's power, plus the digital-to-analogue converter and in theory, you could have crystal clear channels in the car.


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