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BMW Z4 2.5i


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Well the Z4 is a good middle-ground car in 2.5i guise.

You don't pay the premium for the 3.0 litre unit yet you get a lot more poke than than 2.0 (which in my opinion is underpowered for the weight of the car).

Early Z4's seemed to get a lot of build quality issues. I know someone with a 3.0 litre model and he's very happy with it. There's also a 2.2 litre unit of course.

The 2.5i unit puts out 192bhp and is extremely smooth and free revving - plus it doesn't harm the MPG a great deal more than the 170bhp 2.2 litre unit.

30mpg would be a reasonable return and what he should expect if he does a lot of mixed driving. It can drop as low as 22 mpg with lots of Town/City driving. Personally I'd say 26-31 mpg will be the area he'll be looking at.

0-60 is about 7 seconds and I think it tops about at about 146mph - so swift enough for most.

I found the interior of the Z4 a tad too plasticky to be honest though. The seats are good, the driving position is quite exceptional and the handling is proper seat of the pants enjoyment! However - he should be prepared for a very hard ride - because they are notorious for it.

I wouldn't too much about faults etc because on the 03 plate it'll be under full BMW warranty anyway.

I've just looked at the car in question and the only thing I'd say is he needs to consider that not having leather will have a resale impact too. The trim is a very personal thing in blue/grey/black - and some won't like it at all. That said I personally think it looks okay.

It's price as a non-BMW dealer would do too - about £1500-2000 less than it's franchised equivalent. You'd have to allow a bit for it not having leather though (most 2.5i SE's have leather - so it's quite rare in that respect and I don't think it works in the cars favour).

If he can haggle that well on price then it could be a good buy though.

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Ah - on the pictures it looked like the cloth trim with blue cloth inserts - my mistake, sorry.

I'm not sure on the servicing but it's easily solved - just get him to ring the nearest main dealer and ask for their estimated costs for:

Oil Service

Inspection I

Inspection II

I'd have a guess at £160, £290-330 and £440-470 respectively.

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well my brother has a 07 plate Z4 2.5si as a company car and its been returning 20mpg but that is absouloutely ragging it silly its a beuatiful car though as i didnt realy like the Z cars previously but even the 2.5 sounds really really good and im used to 360's etc. The one he has is black with red leather and the m-sport wheels. definatley a good choice of car 5/5 from me

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