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i think something illegal is going on


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I am in email conversation with someone who wants me to send him £4k to get a car which is located in Italy. I called his bluff and said my brothers' fiancee's family are from that area... hilarious. lol.gif



OK. I agree whit you to come at my home but I don't want to risk anything keeping the car until you arrive here and for this Also I have few possible buyers and I don't want to lose them.I'm a serious seller and for anything in this world I'll not risk my carrier or may life or my family for few bucks. All I can accept from you is a down payment for GBP 1000 at bidpay (because for me is very important to know that you have the money ready to buy my vehicle) and after bidpay confirm me that they have your details and the founds are OK we can meet to see it and if you will not like the car (but this is not the case) you can take your money back from bidpay without no problem.Please belive me you will love this car when you'll see it. If you are agree please send me your full name and complete address for the shipping in order to contact bidpay and the shipping co. to set the last details and than square will contact you with all the details.I use this kind of transaction because is 100% secure&safe.

Best Regards


From: "Nick Danks" <*******@hotmail.com>

To: [email protected]

Subject: RE: Message from eBay Member

Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 17:50:19 +0000

>Hi Arron,


>Glad the car is located in Cagliari ! My brothers fiancee's family

>live in Assemini, so I will fly to Cagliari and drive it back.


>Where abouts in Cagliari is it located? His fiancee lives at Via

>Giuseppe!!! Small world isn't it?


>I could fly out next week sometime and meet you with the payment in

>full, and drive the car back.


>Please let me know which day is convenient!







>>From: "aaron ferran" <[email protected]>

>>To: *******@hotmail.com

>>Subject: RE: Message from eBay Member

>>Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 05:59:11 -0600


>>Hi there,


>>I'm very glad that you like my car and I can only say that you have

>>good taste about cars!

>>The price I want to obtain for it is GBP 4000 (the price includes

>>shipment and insurance charges).

>>The car is like new and completely working. It has always been

>>garage kept.


>>It is an UK model with UK specs (RHD) and it is still registered in

>>UK and you will have no problem registering into your name. I want

>>to let you know that I am located in Cagliari Italy along with the



>>Shipping will be done via Lufthansa Air Cargo and it will take no

>>more then 5 days for the car to arrive at the delivery location.


>>Unfortunately I wasn't able to register the car here because the

>>car is an UK delivery and it has to go trough alot

>>of customs so I decided to sell it to someone back in UK. If you

>>want to have it registered here have to start an individual

>>procedure for the vehicle through the Government, pass several

>>technical tests and make a lot of changes to the car which are

>>expensive they told me. This is why I am selling the car so cheap.


>> Since this is a overseas transaction and in order for both parts

>>to be safe we will use a third party, BidPay, to make this deal.

>>Since I am a premium member at BidPay I will support their fees and

>>you will have to support the money transfer fess to BidPay.


>>In order to start the shipping process I must request a GBP

>>2,000.00 deposit to be sent to BidPay and as soon as BidPay will

>>contact me confirming that the deposit has been made I will start

>>the delivery process and provide you all the details from the

>>shipping agency.


>>In order

>>to be able to contact BidPay and open a transaction record I will

>>be needing your details ( Full name, the full shipping address

>>where you want the car to be sent and your phone number requested

>>by the shipping agency ).


>>If you have any further questions about this purchase I will be

>>more than glad to assist you.


>>If you agree with my terms please e-mail me back ASAP and let me

>>know your details so I can speed up this transaction and get BidPay

>>to contact you.


>> Hope to hear from you soon.

>>Thank you and best regards, Aaron!

[/ QUOTE ]

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He could have at least checked his english. ROLLEY~14.GIF


Please belive me you will love this car when you'll see it.

[/ QUOTE ]

Reaaaly inspires confidence.


I did notice on the other thread about the W8, that the eBay auctions had been removed.

[/ QUOTE ]

Yeah, I saw the 'VW BEETLE W8 4 WHEEL' for 5K


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