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A4 quattro


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My 2002 A4 2.5TDI Quattro is making the occasional odd noise from the rear diff area.

When you take off from standstill, in 1st accelerating briskly, but not full on at about 10mph there is one rather loud/dull clunk from what appears to be N/S/R ish area. Lift off and reapply and again clunk/thud just once each on off throttle then it stops - never in higher gears only 1st.

Now some times if your pulling hard in higher gears say 5th at 60(remember this has big torque) there is almost like a rear tramping, certainly some sort of vibration from the rear.

Begininng to think it's only after tight turns - is diff winding up?? Maybe wrong! Stuck!!

It's done 24k - been serviced by Audi - once - is now out of warranty and the only time it'll ever see a stealers workshop again, is when it's their's not mine - so that's not an option!!

Any ideas anyone - anyone had a similar prob??

Thanx for reading!

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