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I know its a dirty word on a forum like this but anyone seen a GTI with a towbar and single plug electric's?

Can the removable towbar option be fitted to the GTI?

If so anyone got an idea of cost and, or had it done.

Anyone that wants to be anonymous and is scared to post a reply please PM me and confidentiality will be guaranteed

Geoff. cool.gif

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There was a MKV. GTI on the VW website ( used cars section) a while back. It was Black with a towbar fitted & a dog guard, can't remember if it was a detachable though.

Dealer fitted detachable on normal MK V. is about £700.

Before you say you can get it cheaper I know.

If I remember correctly there is an additional expensive unit to buy to do with the Canbus for the MkV.

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May you be banished forever if you even consider towing a ........ a ... CARAVAN FIREdevil.gifNONO3.GIF ... NooooooW!

[/ QUOTE ]

You may notice i said one electical socket most caravan people have both wink.gif

Reason why a towbar is a few reasons.

I have a few classic cars so collecting parts is easier with a trailer getting a wing for a 50s car in the rear of a GTI would be fun for example, Also i work on cars in spare time for friends and family so old oil to tip old exhaust pipes etc etc, I have a big garden so lots of garden waste & rubbish, etc etc

All things i really don't want to put in the boot of my nice clean new unmarked £20K worth of car and risk spillage on the way to the tip, So a trailer full of stuff towed behind the car is better for my mk5 GTI and my hart thinking of old engine oil sloshing about in the boot of my £20K car shocked.gif.

I may also want to tow other cars on a car trailer at some point if for example i buy one for spares, So a towbar comes in handy here too. cool.gif

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Anyone seen a golf with the detachable version of the towbar?

Detatchable Towbar

£200.00 RRP

Part No. ZGB1K0092155

A detachable towbar enables the tow ball hitch to be removed and therefore not protruding from the rear of the vehicle when not in use. The towbar integrates accurately with the vehicle ensuring a secure fitment. Dynamic stress analysis has...

Fixed Towbar

£100.00 RRP

Part No. ZGB1K0092101

The fixed towbar integrates accurately with the vehicle ensuring a secure fitment. Dynamic stress analysis has been carried out ensuring total security. The tow bar is also corrosion protected according to factory specifications. Please ask...

Towing Electrics


Part No. Towing Electrics

When you purchase a towbar, depending on your requirements you may need a suitable electrics solution to enhance your towing experience. Whether you wish to just provide electical power to the lights on a small trailer of horse box, or you... More

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But its detachable so 99.9% of the time you will never see it. + if i get it i think it may just look good with the mk1 on the trailer behind it. lol grin.gif

Would rather take rubbish to the tip in a trailer than destroy £20K+ of cars boot carpet/roof lining and rear seats would you not?

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Robin i have something similar at the moment. Basically a huge industrial rubber floor matt that i cut to go on the floor and up the sides abit. So its ok mate.

As said earlier i would like the towbar for taking garden rubbish to the tip, taking garage waste, collecting any white goods etc. It comes in handy. The boot on the mk5 is not that big and i know im just going to endup destroying the carpet rooflining etc if i use it for what i may need too. Also collecting things like old Armstrong siddley or riley wings taking rear axles to be rebuilt or parts to be blasted the carrying space is simply not enough or worth the risk of causing damage really.

If i can get the detachable towbar and its not that noticable when its off the car i will get it.

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Funny you should say that i was offered one this morning.

The problem is round here the rules to the council tips have changed and any pickup or van there charging as they say your more than likley a buisness. People are up in arms.

At the moment im using an old old Audi 100 avant to do all this dirty work (it has a towbar as well comes in handy for the car trailer or the big trailer for bigger parts) but the poor things on its last legs and with the added costs of having another car mot/tax insurance fixing it etc etc it all adds up. frown.gif

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