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BORA fuses ? Which fuse how many Ampere ?


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I've bought a used Bora TDI few weeks ago.

has anyone got an overview of what fuses are necessary ?? And how many Ampere they must have ?

There are a few fuses missing in the fuse box. (e.g. Key)

But everything used to work well at the beginning.

Then the interiour light, automatic windows and key remote didn't work.

I've changed the fuse for the interiour light only (10 Amp) and EVERYTHING was working perfectly again..... for about 20 minutes...

Then the fuse blew up again...

What can I do?

Was the 10 Amp fuse the wrong one ?

Do I need to put fuses in the empty slots in the fuse box?

(And I didn't find a fuse for the electric windows at all...)


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well, the little map inside the door says only which fuse (e.g. lamps, keys, mirrors, etc) has to go in wich slot. but this map and neither the manual say how many ampere these fuses must have !

Thats why I'm trying to find out what I need !

Its a Bora 1.9 TDI, 2002 i think.

Any other ideas ? any other internet sources ?

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There is a 30A fuse [F37] on the relay plate which feeds the central locking & electric windows.

That may be it...?

Buy a haynes manual, it's got a reasonable list and diagram of the fuses plus wiring diagrams.....the latest one (4169 Blue) covers 2001 to 2003 (X to 53) Golfs & Boras

cheers 169144-ok.gif

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This is a guess, but are all the listed faults you have operated through the comfort control module?? Could it be the dreaded pollen filter seal/ drain blockage problem.

If its all wet down below blush.gifgrin.gif, it could be causing the fuses to blow when you drive and the water is moving about frown.gif

Only a thought

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