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Parrot CK3000 and RCD300

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Can anyone help..?

Do i need an audio cable to connect the car kit through the front speakers, tried searching the internet and finding it hard work. The kit comes with a mute cable and other connectors, but it's does not seem straight forward looking at the manual. It's a problem for myself to install but a bit more confusion than anything else.

Also will removing the trim in my MK5 golf which runs up the door pillar next to the front window, set off the air bag..?? frown.gif

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i removed trim with no problems.

try calling the guys at sio communications (google it) - they will know the lead and will get it out to you asap - you will need to ask him about picking up the switched live and will also need to ask him to give you access to his customers site...

then you dont have to cut any cables etc...!

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