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opinions needed on car audio stuff

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im looking to get a system done for my car and got a quote done from one of the local car audio shops and they suggested that i go with a Directed D2400 amp to drive the subwoofer and the 12" sub would either be a Rockford, Orion or Directed one however im not familiar with these manufacturers so i was wondering if anyone esle has first hand experience with these and what you would recommend and whether these makes are good quality equipment.

Also, i was told if i go with a Directed amp i wont need to get to access to it really because i can control the gains from a remote control that i can have in the cabin. Is this true? i had a look on their website but didnt see it mentioned.

thanks in advance

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Only name i recognise there is Rockford.

But to be fair, I am completely out of touch, but when i did my last after market system, (in 98!!) It was with a 4ch Pheonix Gold amp and MB Quart components / 6x9's driven from high end £500+ kenwood head units.

I tried a few subs, and couldnt get on with them. I didnt like their sluggish response, they didnt suit what i was looking for, which was a crisp sound.

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Directed are good indeed. It all boils down to how much you want to spend really. I have a Phoenix Gold Xenon amp Powering 12" RE SE sub, and it is a great combination...but there are hundreds of others out there. I had two 12" JL W3's before, and the JL are a great sub requiring very little power. Ideally i wanted a 12W6v2, but funds didnt allow it.

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I do remember Rockford as being top-quality for their subs a while ago. And MB Quart for their component speakers.

Was told recently that JL seem to be the ones as they have some of the old Phoenix Gold people since Phoenix went Flush.gif

Am leaning towards a full JL Audio component setup myself - no sub in the boot though.


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thanks for all the replies, ive come down to a few options see what you think

AMP - directed D2400 (800W RMS) or Alpine MRD M1005 (700W RMS)

SUB - Alpine SWR 1522 (750W RMS) or 1222 (500W RMS), Rockford T112D2 (600W RMS)

COMPONENTS - Alpine SPS 171A (50W RMS) or SPR 17LS (70W RMS), Rockford P162S (60W RMS), Focal 165 (60W RMS)

The RMS i have stated with the amps and subs are at 2 ohms and im leaning towards the rockford sub as its frequency range is 20hz-200hz whereas the Alpines are 22hz-500hz. I want deep bass which is why i prefer the rockford unless you guys think the alpines would be better as it covers more of a frequency range but thats where i thought the components will make up for that range if i opted for the rockford??

The components im really not sure about as ive read that the doors will probably have to be custom built to get a decent sound as they are are made from hardboard. I would like to know what components you guys have used for your Audi A3 (old shape) and if you think putting in coaxials will be better?

Bear in mind that i already have a Alpine MRV T505 2 channel amp which i want to use to power the cabin speakers if possible and the HU i have is an Alpine 9833R.

Im clueless about all the technical stuff so any advice on my options mentioned above or alternatives would be great to have feedback on 169144-ok.gif

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Have been out of the loop on car audio bits for a while now but after hearing JL Audio's 3-way components(XR653) yesterday I'm really sold on their kit.

Not exactly cheap but sounded the business.

To be fair though you would expect any combination of Alpine HU / Amp / Components to sound pretty good with decent power/RCA/speaker connections.

Not sure who makes the best subs nowadays.

One bit of advice would be to listen to setups and make sure you're not trying to max everything out. You will get richer, deeper bass if you're running high-quality kit at 80% loading than cheaper kit at full whack.

so if you can afford the better kit and make it work well within its limits, then that will be better than going for a fancy-sounding set of amp/speaker ratings that cause distortion when you let rip with the tunes.

HTH 169144-ok.gif

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