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Phaeton retro fit phone install - can anyone help

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Hi guys,

I need to pick everyone’s brains here, I have fitted a Parrot kit to a 55 reg Phaeton, I’m wanting the audio to come through the Car’s audio system.

Now on the Radio it has Mute listed and Tel + & - inputs on the diagram sticker but non of these seem to be working. When you press the TEL button on the front it says its not active or installed cant remember which. Is the setup similar to the Audi units where buy they come from the factory, setup to use the VW option and not an aftermarket set up from the off ?

Has anyone gone down this route yet, can it be reprogrammed with Vag-Com ?

I’ve tried speaking to the VW dealership and they say they haven’t got a clue, im in a bit of a pickle with this now and need to get it sorted. crazy.gif

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If you have not visited the above yet, i would give it a go, they have a very active and very good Phaeton section. I don't own one (i wish) but love them, and i have been looking over the various posts for a few months now, they have dealt with problems that even the dealers can not seem to solve. Hope it helps. Good luck.

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