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Anyone dealt with Crystal Clean in Hull?


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I have a friend in Hull who wants to get his Porsche GT2 detailed. He has been told about a company called Crystal Clean. On looking at the website, it all reads a bit too far fetched and over spun...My friend drove down to the address on the site and found a very second rate unit.

He is now worried that he has judged the book by the cover as I said that the guys may be mobile and do a very good job. So does anyone here use Crystal Clean or know of them.



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Hi guys, A friend of Mine from Hull who has an Enzo, Z8 and many more cars and another friend from Skidby who has Ferrari's and Other such cars, use Crystal Clean.

They would never use any other company, Crystal Clean do a great deal of work direct with the car industry and paint manufacturers on surface care.

You should never judge a book by its cover.

I am in business and have a high profile company and if you came to my unit you would die as its a very dirty unit.

We could get a better one, but this means higher prices

You only need to look at the web site for some details of cars they have done and letters from customers, I have just been on and they are respected very highly.

See links below




You only have to look at the shine in some of these cars and the reflections in the side I can even see a Crystal Clean van in the side of one of the pictures on one of the above pages.

Gti4 Simon Aubry

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Thanks. I know you shouldnt judge a book by its cover but as Zac has not heard of the business before he was just concerned. The car is worth £124,000 and he doesnt want to leave it with someone who has no previous track record.

I think he has already made arrangements to have a guy called Miracle detailer go to him and quote on a full detail. I will pass on your comments though.

I did look at the same images as you and to be fair the cars looked good. however, it is fairly easy to get good photographs on a site. I much prefer word of mouth recommendations.



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Hi Jon,

I think Miracle Detail were the lads on Fifth Gear on Ch 5 recently - did not see it but recall something about themn being on and costing a lot for the full job, lots of mention re premiership players etc.

Personally if I had a GT2 I would be spending my time caring for it myself but I guess if you can afford the car then you can afford the treatment grin.gif

Hope he gets sorted OK. Let us know how he gets on.



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With all respect an Enzo that has just been valued at 1 Million pounds I think is a good enough reference.

The guys from Miracle Detail I would be very careful as doing wet sanding as that is what they are doing is very bad news, you can only do this once on a car and you would have problems polishing it afterwards as well. Wet sanding is the worst thing you can do to a car.

I also looked at the show and I was not imperssed at all.

Why dont you phone up the people you are talking about and ask for references, we did that is how we got to know them and that they did my friends cars.

I know they have done work for Stratstone Ferrari in Manchester before now, as I know the guys at Ferrari and they talk highly of them. Also Graypaul in Nottingham know of them, plus House Of Kolor know Crystal Clean, House Of Kolor can be contacted on 01302 341788 speak to Peter.

You could also speak to a guy called Mark at Skidby Mill Restaurant who use Crystal Clean.

I could not fault the work they do and they have only done standard cars for me, like Merc 500 sl AMG etc etc

This is from Crystal Clean web site, just got it off the site.



I think these photo's say it all.

The last time I was at Crystal Clean they had a Jaguar from Spain in the Detailing bay, now thats a long way to come to get a car done,

Why does your guy not go to Crystal Clean and ask them. After all being as well known and around for over 20 years is a good enough reference on its own.

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