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Have I just bought a lemon?


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Have I just bought a "lemon"?

£14k from a independant dealer, 986, black, savannah trim with 17" Carrera wheels and 64k (verified and full OPC history).

I set aside £2k as it has basically a "worthless" warranty, and went to the local "customer friendly" OPC for a 111-point check and bang goes £1k on essential work.

Then "bang" (literally) goes the hood's gearbox and pushrods and another £2k down the pan...as well as probably the freedom of the city of Stuttgart...!

Please can someone reassure me that it's going to be worth all the hassle...eventually..

By the way...is it me or does every chav in a Corsa try to race you at every traffic light once you buy these bleeding cars?

New and very frustrated Porsche owner!


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