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[Audi A3/S3] Let the mods begin


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The time has come to make a few changes to the S3....

Firstly I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on the new Amd one click?


Looks like a user friendly unit and obviously carryes the Amd reputation...

Secondly i need to change the wheel/suspension set up on the car, was thinking of the sportec wheel


As for suspension i havent a clue??iamwithstupid.gif

I have also been told that when installing a remap its advisable to upgrade the turbo hoses as these can suffer from splitting as a result of a remap?


Johnski 169144-ok.gif

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I've never known of anyone to use the one click remap thingy, most people seem to go to AMD or Revo and get their car rolling roaded at the same time. Looks pretty good though IMO, kinda similar to the Superchips Bluefin. I'm sure some of the guys on here can provide some inside info on AMD though??

Wheels look lovely, I think Chelsea Mick has a set on his black S3 for a while, if they weren't Sportec's then they were very similar - check out the S3 garage for a gander.

I know the Chelsea Mick also has his S3 lowered, so he could advise you on that too.

If you get no joy here mate, try audi-sport.net. 169144-ok.gif

Hope you're enjoying the new car. wink.gif

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Hi johnski

As Mills says I have got the sportec monos on my '99 S3


Regarding suspension. I have Koni adjustable shocks with H&R -30mm springs. Also 15mm spacers to the rear axle and 10mm spacers to the front.

I don't know what your budget is for the suspension but most will recommend that you go for a coil-over kit. The advantage of a coil-over setup will allow you to adjust the ride hide as well as the hardness/softness of the ride. I can't personally recommend a coil-over kit as I've never had one.

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Thanks graeme, really enjoying the car, had a little meeting with skiman in his teg a few nights ago...

Are those 18's or 19's chelsea mick? Where did you get your konis and springs from? I would like coilovers but i'm not sure if my budget would stetch that far at the min..

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I had the same suspension set up on my TT as Mick has on his S3 - I also had a set of FK coilvoers on my Beetle.

Coilovers advantage is ride height adjustment - if you want to slam the car then this is the way to go. IF you want to improve handling then the kit Mick suggested will be fine (IMO) I didnt find the coilovers offerd any real advantage. other than the beetle was scraping the floor if you went over a fag butt.

There are loads of remaps around - I had AMDs on my TT and it was good, but maybe a bit too agressive, MTM, Oettinger and abt are very well known German tuners with a presence in the UK, and then you have superchips, Revo, Jabba who all have decent products, if I had my choice again id have Oettinger as having driven one its a really nice OEM style power delivery - just more of it - for personnal reasons I would rather cut a finger off than give AMD any money again.

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I can't honestly compare the H&R's to the s-line setup as I can't recall being in a car with s-line fitted.

All I can say is that the koni/H&R combination gives a pretty hard (not harsh) ride.

IMHO it's not too hard but it does improve the ride/stance/handling over standard by quite a bit.

On the odd occasion I can have problems with speed humps. I have to take it fairly easy over them without having it bottom out.

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I had the same suspension setup as Mick and didn't like it. I found the car was very harsh and was just to hard for bad quality roads but of course perfect on track. The problem (for me) were the H&R springs - I changed to the MTM/Audi ones from Kim Collins and the ride quality was much improved, I'm very happy now. This is with the Koni adjustables (although I dont adjust them).

The MTM springs were also only -20mm drop which I prefer to the -30 of the H&R.

But with suspension its each to their own of course


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The Konis cost me £460 to buy.

The Porsche brakes cost £800 secondhand from a former member.

I had both the brakes and suspension fitted the same time and the labour was £480

The Sportecs cost me £1350 just for the alloys so £1700 with tyres sounds about right.

The Diverter Valve was £70.

When you lower it, as Dunc says, you will need the adjustable tie-bars (or camber arms). These are around £200. Digital wheel alignment, which will need doing, is around £60 too...

Modding is not cheap you know wink.gif

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Did i say it was cheap?? smirk.gif

Forgive my innocence in any case as i used to drive a ford....sympathy via pm please....lol

I think i will just uprate the discs and pads for now and upgrade to porsche brakes at some stage...thanks for the info mick, hopefully the sportecs will find there way onto my vehicle before the summer cool.gif

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