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Just cruising...


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Good to see u enjoying your cab as this week will see in the finest weather in weeks. Went to work this morning to pick up a few things with the Top Down and couldnt help feeling Smug.....So many stares that I had to wear my shades. At one point nearly burst out laughing as Traffic on the other side just seemed to stare in my direction....haha grin.gif

What can u do when people just stare...either you smile (at which point they know that youve seen them staring or put on a totally pretence expression of seriousness....how does one handle it. I just feel like bursting with laughter)

Anyway back to the cruise....it was a slow crawl from MCArthur Glen Shopping Centre on the A64 to the Centre of York. Stereo playing Barry (The Seal) White (bless)..BMW with two brunnettes (on their shopping trip) pulled up at the traffic lights near the Museum and asked for a light!! Fantastic......(but for a moment I thought "HUH"...well anyway I was supposed to sit and do some work in the office; my instincts were to complete some work for monday which would have taken me five half an hour but I was outta there in five minutes just couldnt resist the weather...back through the city centre Hood Town; Stares Galore; A64 A1 M1 All windows fully down Fan Bloody Tastic.

And this will hopefully happen every day. Back by 11 am and had to leave the Car with AutoGlass in Huddersfield for a few hours to replace the front Windscreen. Theyve been out 4 times to my house but didnt know how to take glass out of the polished Aluminium Panels. Went back to pick it up at 4 and guess what!!!! They broke the wiper Arm and Welded it back on.So gotta go back next week to have that replaced....What a mixed day... ECLIPSe.gif

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bloody fantastic weather!

Been down to Wymouth this afternoon, cruising through town getting looks from everyone it seemed! Prked up near the sea front and sat drinking a few beers in the sun, headed back to Yeovil and managed 120 with the hood down while playing with a little old MG that was giving it some welly too but he bottled out or run out of steam at 110!

roll on tomorrow

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All the way from London to New Forest and back, via (today) a few back roads and stopover on the Solent (Fawley). Would have been perfect - except my bloody hood doesn't work. I left a fairly terse message on the West London Audi answerphone (the guy in Sales has been pretty helpful in keeping an aftersales interest, but the Service dept are irritatingly sticking to the "we'll just have to wait and see when the replacement sensor arrives, could be weeks" line).

I've made it clear I am not going through another sunny weekend with the top stuck up, and they'll have to find me a loan cab (even a non-Audi one) if they can't get it fixed.

Interestingly (for HCUK and others) I stopped at Martins Audi (Basingstoke) on the way over and they seem outstanding - the service and Parts folk were there for a weekend Abt open day, and they seemed a lot more knowledgeable about the car (including recent handling problems), and overwhelmingly helpful. They even offered to try and expedite the hood sensor part on my behalf even if I had the work done in London...

Basingsoke are starting to install Abt chips now - with full Audi and Abt warranty for any consequences...

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