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Incredible washer bottle!


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Had my GTI now for around 4 months and absolutely love it. Engine is a peach, handling is just superb with amazing feedback (lift-off oversteer has never been so fun!), comfort is second-to-none in the class, practicality is perfect etc etc. In short, I've never made a better car-buying decision and I'd thank all of you here for making the wait so bearable.

BUT!!! The thing that has most suprised me has been the longevity of the windscreen washing fluid. I've covered 6000 miles since I took delivery, driving in all sorts of conditions and particularly on the motorway in the winter, when salt, spray and grime would clog up a windscreen in seconds. Yet I STILL haven't had to re-fill my washer bottle!!! It's absolutely incredible and just one of the small things that make this such a great car!


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