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Some pics from our R32 meet at the Nordshleife!


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I have finally got round to posting a couple of pics when I met with Robin09 and some of his friends 4 weeks ago.

I arrived on Friday, a very wet track, not knowing much about how it all works so I just wandered about, talked to a few people to get the idea. Bought a ticket and done 3 laps. Great fun but a bit scary, the sun was low, alot of spray and not another car in sight throughout the laps...great.

Robin had sms'd me on Saturday morning to say they were at the border, shouldn't be too long, I knew he had a blue R32 and guessed his no. plate started with R so about an hour later when a GB blue R32 pulls into the carpark I guessed it was him. Turned out to be a Scottish guy (Stephen) from Stirling. A very pleasent chap indeed, we chit chatted for a while before doing a lap. Then the thunder and lighting arrived and we took cover for a while. Robin and his mates arrived a bit later and then we all headed out to get some more laps. Unfortunately Stephen crashed on his 2 lap. He new the track well from previous trips but was unlucky to loose the tail end on a fast corner while overtaking another car. It all happened quickly, then slow motion, a visit to the hospital for checks and alot of hassle with the recovery of the car etc didn't put too big a damper on the weekend, he was in good spirits at least. After all that he couldn't really remember exactly what went wrong but it's all in the past now. His insurance will sort it out, hopefully no problems.

Here are some pics

My R32, Robins then Stephens.


Robins friends TT and Lupo GTI


Stephens R32 in the garage that night. The left side took all impact square onto the armco. The front left wheel was about 10 degrees different from the front right, but the main problem was noticed just as we walked out the garage, the rear right wheel (no picture sorry) which wasn't on the impact side was bent in about 20 degrees! He said the handling felt weird a few seconds before he spun so maybe there was a problem on that wheel 1st, was it possible for the shock to travel through the axle and bend the opposite wheel???




This guy was driving round the car park the previous day, foot to the floor, etc etc...till he pranged it. Fair doo's to him, he taped it up and went out the next day...


Ring Taxi


145mph on the way home trying to catch this Gallardo, a few 911 were going for it too, a great drive but too much side wind to really floor it.


the compulsary sticker added after the trip


I even cleaned the exhaust for you Robin 169144-ok.gif

Overall a fantastic weekend sportifs2.gif

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Good report, Something I was going to do this year if I has kept my MKIV R, It'll be a while before I start thinking of taking the MKV....

Sorry to hear that Stephen crashed.... I'm also from Stirling so know the guy you mean... He's right into his R and will be gutted to see it in this state....

I'm I right in thinking that you can get special Nurburgring trips that include the much needed additional insurance....

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No idea about that. He told insurance where the crash happened and break down people said they would go along with it. Somewhere in NW Germany I think!

It is a great place to go for the atmosphere alone. Just keep your head screwed on a bit. Stephen was unlucky. I really felt sorry for him. I had other plans for my Saturday evening but really didnt mind translating for a good friend who was needing some help. It was a sad sight to say the least. He is still joking about his push bike trips to work!

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Im booked to go back in August for a week ECLIPSe.gif

Great to see some pictures again, you really have to know what your doing if you want to drive it in the wet as the grease and rubber build up on the track is to the extream.

I've heard most of the locals dont even ride it when its wet ! If you still want to go out just dont go quite so fast, I know its hard not too cool.gif as the moment takes you



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I'm honoured you cleaned your pipes for me Iain!

From the pics you can see there were some serious accidents that weekend. Its amazing how many people don't pay attention to the conditions, especially a certain Noble on its first ever lap that lost its front end. suicide.gif

Also managed to do a few laps of the GP circuit which was open to the public. Driving on a wide, flat track made a nice change!

Despite the weather it was a fun weekend and good to meet a fellow TSNer.

Hoping to go again August 19-21 fingers crossed 169144-ok.gif

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