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Totally Burned on A23


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Hmmm, it was never going to be much of contest though was it. He did have a slightly unfair advantage...

Your bhp: 240

His bhp: 507

Your bhp per ton: 159

His bhp per ton: 297

His top speed: 205 mph

Your top speed: Not 205 mph.

There is very little that'll live with an M6 in a straight line, or even begin to compete with it's mid-range acceleration. As Mr Clarkson said - it's got biblical power.

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Wouldn't get near an M6 on a straight though Dave. It'd be murdered.

It was only the fact that the IOM run on Top Gear had a lot of bends and got the best out the 997S's brakes that it won in the test they set.

On a straight the figures are blindingly in favour of the M6, even considering the ability to lay all that power down.

In fact, in the test, there is a bit where they all say that on a straight the M6 would destroy both of the others in a matter of seconds.

I know a guy with a 997 C4S and athough he wasn't caning his he said an M6 accelerated away in front of him like he wasn't even there. In the real world, where we might be able to push a car for short stretches on straights - the M6 is very much the ultimate horizon seeker IMO.

For twisty country lanes and Sunday jaunts, I'd take the 997.

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