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I've seen it all now....


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What a day, i have literally seen it all now..

Live in Doncaster, not the Metropalis or anything, you could count on the one hand how many GTi's i've seen, including mine of course, but today, not only saw another 2 GTi's, much cleaner and shiny than mine i hasten to add, but both were driven by women, and then to top it all off, went to Morrisons and was passed by a Mk V R32, driven by what looked like a 20yr old (max.) Lady...

To say i was jealous was an understatement, she looked absolutely petrified of it...amazing what daddy can come up with, lol....(could be wrong of course) fekr.gif

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I've posted this before on TSN but the one who knocked my socks off was a sweet black angel just getting out of her red GTI in Manchester Square area of London last Summer. She was beaming a broad smile, I was waving like mad but couldn't stop because I had to get to a wedding at Camden Town Hall and had passengers frown.gif.

There's a lady locally who drives a red one too and who always enthusiastically waves - She clearly loves her GTI. She looks like she's in her late 40s and seems to drive sensibly. I know where she works but she doesn't inspire me to check her out further! Gee, I hope she doesn't lurk on TSN!!

I wonder what proportion of Mk5 GTIs have been bought by ladies....Could be a good 30-40% I reckon.

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