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Where can I get Supagard valet done?


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I've imported a new Mk5 Gti and need to get a paint seal protection valet.

Can someone recomend a good supplier who doesn't charge the kind of prices that VW do?

Not bothered if its Supagard or whoever, as long as it comes highly recomended!

Basically I intend to keep the car for 2 years and normally it will be washed in car wash cafe type places (as I dont have anywhere I can wash it myself...)

So, I just need that paint protection and a bit of a welcome home valet! I live in North West London, but am prepared to travel just outside the M25 if I need to drop the car off somewhere for the day. Any suggestions! Much appreciated.

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personally I wouldn't bother with Superguard etc, it is good, but the cost is not worthwhile, and as with all the paint protector products you do have to reapply every 3 - 6 months a top up. Which in my opinion means the product does not really do what it says. I would check out www.deatailingworld.co.uk as they have lists of people who would be more than happy to details your car from new and make sure the paint is properly protected. They can also valet your car as and when necessary. Just check out some of the cars that have been detailed to show the before and after shots, these guys really know what they are doing.

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