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[Audi A3/S3] Headlight and dashlight query on a S3


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When the headlights are turned on are they supposed to start adjusting upwards or are they supposed to say still?

And the dash light i.e speedo/rev/odometer light stays on whether the headlights are on or not this is first of many Audi's that has done this and not sure whether its supposed too do it!

Both possible daft uqestions but like to have everything right and as it should be!

Thanks in advance

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yes headlights usually move and settle to a final resing place. (whilst static) they of course move constantly whilst on the move due to auto leveling.

Dash lights are on all the time. Its normal.

You can chose varying levels with vagom for the TT, i would assume the same is possible for the S3, but never tried it.

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