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Audi 17" Star Alloys

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Am trying to find a buyer for these wheels as i am in the process for getting a new set for the Audi, these have been on the car for only 7000 miles, loads of tread on all the tyres (slighty more on the rears than the fronts) Conti Contact Sport 2's all round, currently on the car but as soon as a buyer is found they will be off and Delivered/Collected.

Here is a pic of them on the car, taken this Sunday.


Only looking for £350 for the lot, PM or e-mail me if your interested?



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Can you tell me the condition of the alloys ie scuffs etc, and what size the tyres are. I have a 1999 A6 2.8 Quattro with the standard 16'' alloys (a little worse for there 7 years on), can you see an issue with these being a direct fit. Cheers.

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these are all mint - not a mark on them. one tyre has a slight mark in the rubber rim protector but thats the only mark on them. Would be direct fit on an A6 i believe from the wheel centre today - 5x112 PCD and the offset is around 45-50 if i remember right so no probs on an A6 at all.

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