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Hell I'm confused - what oil for a service?


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Sorry guys, this is a bit long so I wouldn't bother reading it unless you really know or want to know about the finer points of oil types...

Got to 16000 miles and she's due her first service in about 600 miles time according to the computer.

She's on variable servicing and was delivered with Castrol SLX longlife II oil and a 1 litre refil of the same stuff in the boot bag.

I always try to provide my own oil when I have a service done as they always charge about £60 for oil you can get for about £45 elsewhere and then they have the cheek to add VAT on it too!!!

So I thought I'd look for some oil and guess what - they don't make SLX Longlife II any more (this was a SAE 0W-30 oil). Halfords sell something called Edge 5W-30 which is supposed to be the replacement for it according to the Castrol uk website.

But after looking at some links on a google search for 'Castrol Edge', although a longlife oil, it appears that there is confusion over the compatability of 'Edge' with the Turbo FSI engine and wether it's suitable for the Variable Servicing Interval. Apparently it's all down to the serial numbers after the SAE number! Basically the code after it is different - SLX II is 503.00 and Edge is 503.01

So what I hear you say... the manual says use 503.00, but apparently I've read that the 503.01 is not suitable for the FSI turbo engined VW and Audi cars on variable interval servicing!

I spoke to VW service department who say that my car is on fixed servicing - even though it clearly is't... after some confuion over what oil I needed 'If sir was on variable servicing' he got confused as he said that fixed was 20k intervals!!! So when I put him straight about what type of oil is used for what service settings... (losing confidence now) confused.gif he then told me that they used the new Castrol SLX III, but he had no idea about what code it had. Anyhow it appears from Castrol's website that you can't buy SLX III in this country - looks like you can in Austria but it doesn't tell you what SAE or VW code it is on the Castrol Austria website - great! I wander, is it the same as 'Edge' but just re-branded for this country?

So I spoke to VW UK Customer services, and they made out that it 'probably' wouldn't matter, but I got the distinct impression that I don't think they really knew or cared either - in fact it was so vague that I'd be scared to take any notice of what the guy said, and then at the end of it he just said talk to your dealer about it. FIREdevil.gif

Couldn't be bothered to carry on the conversation with him after that as he obviously didn't get the concept of why I was phoning him and what his job is about!

So at the end of all this, what I need to know is, What oil do I need to get to replace the SLX longlife II that I can buy myself somewhere other than at VW dealer prices.

If it is the elusive SLX III - it looks like I'll have to buy it off the shelf at a VW dealer. Oil form the parts dept is still cheaper than paying for it as part of the service!

Unless of course - anyone knows where else you can buy it?

Hope someone knows the definitive answer,


Buzz. smile.gif

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I'm confused too

One of the oils in the Castrol Edge range was stated to replace the Longlife II but as you say, it's a different grade to LL II!

Some dealerships in the UK have had Longlife III, certainly in the one litre pouch kits. The local stealership to me have Longlife II in pouches or bottles, so a bought a couple of litres of this. Stealers hadn't even heard of Edge, even though local Halfrauds have tons of the stuff

Astonishing that VW dealers and centrally just don't seem to know what to lubricate their cars with, nor where customers can get it from.....

Even more curious is that one litre of longlife II was over £14, yet one litre of longlife II in the Castrol leatherette pouch (with wipes, funnel, plastic bag inside etc) was just over £13 sportifs2.gif

So save a quid and get a bag, wipes etc ....

Oil seems crazy to me SAUER0421.GIF

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Castrol Edge is 507.00, which is a higher spec than 503.00. SLX III is just VW branding for edge 5w/30, they are starting to get clever about differentiation. Try the castrol website and go to the reccomend an oil for my car. If you fill in all the details it come back with edge 5w/30.



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Thanks Steve

Castrol says Edge 5/30 as the recommended oil -but I am unclear why this replaces Longlife II which I thought was 0/30?

Seems like a change in specification by Castrol rather than by VW - that's why many people are puzzled ROLLEY~14.GIF

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