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Collection Hiccup

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After a 10 week wait, my car finally arrived.

I collected it yesterday and so far I am seriously impressed. So much sweeter to drive than the MK IV 1.8T I had a few years ago.

Love the TSN forum guys, many great posts, I hope I can contribute back even a small part of what I have learnt.

I live in Northern Ireland, and I know a few TSN'ers hail from here as well.

I bought from the main VW dealer in Belfast and had an interesting last minute hiccup where they "lost" the registration number they assigned to me last week. Only told this when I was sitting in the dealers ready to pay (the fault of DVLNI they said), so ended up making last minute changes to my insurance and gap cover (to be fair they made some calls, and even got me on the net in the managers office to change the gap cover).

Unfortunately the car did not come with the leather handbook - merely a plastic one. I raised this and they said they would look into it, but before I push them, I just wanted to know if any other folks in NI received a leather handbook from the same dealer?

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I just got the plastic one as well, asked the dealer, Phillips in Lisburn, about the leather one and he said he had never seen one. It probably dissapeared along with the bottle opener and the oil smirk.gif

I phoned up VW customer services as well but they hadn't heard of a special GTI handbook, so I gave up.

Doesn't make the car go any faster so I don't care 169144-ok.gif

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My April 2006 delivery MY2006 cars has this fine manual cover!

Some do appear on Fleabay, so it may well be that light handed fingers are swapping the vinyl standard for the GTI one NONO3.GIF

Ask the Dealer to deliver the correct one, tell him it's his problem if it was stolen or swapped before delivery tongue.gif

If the worst comes to the worst, tell him to get it off Ebay yelrotflmao.gif

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Not sure the dealer would be obligated to supply one as I am pretty sure it doesnt mention in the spec anywhere that it is supplied with this and even if it does there will always be the small print "subject to change."

I never got one with mine (Mar 05) although it has never bothered me on bit. I didnt buy the car to get a leather manual that I will hardly ever look at anyway.

If everything else is ok with the car, stop worrying about it and just enjoy it. 169144-ok.gifbeerchug.gif

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Have never felt mine was incomplete because the manual wasnt bound in leather and it was certainly intact. Would be interested to know where it says that it should have come with one although as I say, it makes no difference to me. If it came missing a wheel or something that might have been a different matter obviously. grin.gif169144-ok.gif

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All I'm saying is that leather ones are available and, although it's absolutely no big deal and nothing to do with spoiling enjoyment of the car, it's a matter of principle that if you want one (for whatever reason) you should be able to get one.

I actually find that I use my handbook quite a lot - If only to answer quezzies from other TSNers as I did earlier today.

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Just goes to show that different people have different behavioural preferences - and that these include behaviours and preferences about their possessions cool.gif

In psychological terms this was proposed and developed by Carl Jung in the 1920's, followed by Marston, then by Myers and Briggs in producing their behavioural type inventory.

In 1921, Jung described four basic behavior styles: intuitor, feeler, sensor, and thinker. In the 1950s Isabel Myers revived the ideas of Jung when she dusted off Jung's book on psychological types and, with her mother Katheryn Briggs, devised the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a tool that produces 16 patterns of preference indicators, based on four preference alternatives.

Subsequently academic work and work in the business world has shown that these tools were useful not only in describing behavior, but also in measuring and predicting it, and improving work in teams and for individuals.

GTiMK5 isn't worried about the manual cover at all, so from the MB type inventory may be IJ preference (intuition and judging - decided it doesn't matter), whereas for those who notice that something appears "missing" and express concern about this - are likely to have a dominant "feeling" preference - psychologically they feel the missing item - so perhaps this will be CMC950 preference.

What the MBTI does say is that there is a wide diversity of preferences and all are valid 169144-ok.gif

While CMC950 may feel badly done by with a missing manual cover, GTiMK5 wouldn't care in the same circumstances - this merely reflects their inherent behavioural preferences.

Each MBTI preference type is equally valid beerchug.gif

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