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Flooding on starting.


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Hi all my first post here so please be gentle!

The problem I have slightly resembles the problem of the temperature sender post, but I didn't want to post there in case its completely different.

My Passat 1.8t has twice flooded whilst attempting to start after being sat for two or three days.

I have called out a breakdown service and twice they have cleaned the plugs and it has started.

I leave the pedal alone whilst starting to try and avoid this situation but it makes no difference.

As with the other post at times when it starts it can rev up to about 2000 rpm before settling down again.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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Well i have just been to VW specialist and had the temp sender replaced after he put the car through the diagnostics test.

However there was another problem identified that he was not sure of and said it will need further investigating.

Here it is

00575 - Intake Manifold Pressure

11 - 10 - Control Limit not reached - Intermittent

Readiness: N/A

Anyone have any clues?



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