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What is better than a new MKV GTI??


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A year old MKV GTI that you have driven enthusiastically for 10 000 miles, used as a practical family car, left on the driveway for 365 nights, driven hard, pottered slowly and abused occasionally - then after that, given one hell of a good polish and still looks like this .........









I wouldn't say it has been a year of trouble free motoring, but VAG have resolved a number of faults (after several attempts sometimes). But you have to forgive the car becuase of its sheer character, charm and pace. 169144-ok.gif

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Great Colour - Cleeeeeen Machine! 169144-ok.gif

After 11,600 in 9 months I'm feeling the same as you. She's loosening up, I've re-mapped my driving brain with a CarLimits course, the roads are drier and the sun is out much more, I've got more familiar with her....And I'm still in love! grin.gif

Our general enthusiasm for the Mk5 GTI, which some others find difficult to understand, is totally justifiable.


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During a 9 hour stint on Sunday, I:

- Cleaned and dried using a Flash Carwash System (very good for a 'quickie' by the way)

- Polished swirl marks and minor scratches using Autoglym Super Resin Polish (didn't want to use an abrasive product with my metalic paint, but if you polish hard enough and use enough product small marks can be removed)

- Removed contaminants using Meguiars Quick Clay Detailing System (very effective, but time consuming process)

- Used Autoglym and Quick Clay on specific areas that needed extra attention.

- Finished using Meguiars Car Wax

- Cleaned glass using Autoglym car glass polish

- Polished all trim and window rubbers using a back to black polish

All polishing and waxing was done using Meguiars Microfibre cloths.

Every couple of months I use Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection after a wash, this is simple to apply, leave to dry for an hour and then buff to finish.

Although this took a lot of effort, I thought of it as a brithday treat for the car. I have to say, the car now looks better then new.

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