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Wonky windscreen washer jets


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Just recently my A4 cab windscreen washers jets are all over the place. Drivers side squirts at the base of the windscreen and passenger side squirts near the top of the windscreen.

Can I adjust these myself ?

Hubby had cautionary tale about sticking a pin in to adjust and it snapping off .. ooops. NONO3.GIF

Hence reluctant but any advice welcome.

Really don't want to have to deal with the useless local stealer.



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Audi have a special tool "fitted with a needle" to do it, so i just proceed carefully with a needle or pin.

Audi also have set measurements in their workshop manuals for accurately aiming the jets, taking into account being driven at speed, when used.

Having messed about and marked it all out to their measurments on my (S3) windscreen with masking tape, It does actually work rather well.

Its just a pain, making a tweak, going back in the car, actuating washers, seeing where your aiming, going back out, retesting and so on and so forth.

It certainly would be easier , quicker and use less water/screen wash with two people. As one could set, the other could actuate the jets.

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