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4motion Haldex problems?


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Hi guys I have a 2002 03 Spec 4motion and she is a peach with the exception of the following any ideas would be appreciated.

She drives and accelerates with no probs the only thing is that when I am rolling in gear and then touch the brakes after a while and the revs start to drop I can hear a scuffing sounds from under the right hand rear passenger side, but this is not all the time and if im on the motorway and going 70-80 and ease of the gas I get the same scuffing sound (it sounds like the noice you get when you ease of the gas when playing F1 Racing n the xbox or ps2) but on the motorway at the higher speeds it appears to drop the revs as normal and then slight touch of the gas the revs blip and the noise goes.

My thoughts are that the haldex box is having problems as if it were anyhting else it would be constant but if I put the clutch in I get no noise at all.

The car has only done 28000 from new.

Any ideas?



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