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new disc for satnav? S8

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hi guys tried a search but didn't find anything conclusive

just getting an S8 this weekend & the owner says it still has the original disc in the satnav & it can be a bit of a pain where things have changed in some areas!

he said he thought there hade been 2 updates since the version in the car!

just wondered about the best place to get an up to date disc?

is it main dealers only or are there any alternative suppliers?

& what kinda dosh should i be expecting to lay out?

any guidance much appreciated 169144-ok.gif

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hi guys, not tried the carminat disc yet as the bloke who has it hasn't been at work ROLLEY~14.GIF

i have 98 S8 & the nav directions are displayed in the DIS, what system do i have fitted to my car? make/ model etc?

i've seen many different update discs available & don't want to buy the wrong one suicide.gif

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Check out Ebay item : 9731040566

Its a fiver. I also have a 98 S8, and was faced the same dilema as you. The Sat Nav system factory fitted is a TravelPilot NON dx version, so any map disk from teleatlas that is not the DX version will work. Fiat just so happen to use the same disks. I bought one last year, works 100%, Audi workshops the lot. I'm 99.9% this will do what you want, and probably worth a punt for fiver before you spend silly money buying new.... (dont come chasing me though if its doesnt... ) ;-)

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well my new disc got me to a place in Kent the other week but on a 600 mile round trip last weekend failed to do anything at all ROLLEY~14.GIF not too impressed dung.gif

it told me what road i was on but thats about it ROLLEY~14.GIF

i've read in another thread there are C or D variations on the nav so i'm guessing mine is an earlier C as my cars a 1998 model?

for the amount of times i'll really need to use it i don't want to spend mega money on an update disc, but then i suppose once you factor in the amount of fuel you'll use going the wrong way it would work out i guess ROLLEY~14.GIF

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