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S2000 ?

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Hi All,

New to the site & looking for advice on S2000 ?

1st a bit of background:

I am currently looking for a good looking perfomance car that is usable everyday, covering aprox 20,00 miles per anumm and suitable for ocasional track day fun.

My initial shortlist was as follows:

VW Golf GTi (remapped to 250 bhp)

VW Golf R32

BMW 330i

Porsche Boxster 2.7

Whilst driving round various local Stealers pulled into my local Honda garage and really liked the look of the S2000 so it was instantly added to the above.

My concerns and the reason I discounted it initialy were concerns over practicality.. ie.

The golf clubs will definately have to fit on the passenger seat and living with a high revving engine on a day to day basis may become tiresome as it will be my only car.

Interested in any current owners views especially any that currently do high mileage on a day to day basis.

I have not yet road tested any of the above but hope to do so over the next month.

looking forward to your informed replies 169144-ok.gif

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Nearly bought an S2000 last year as an everyday car - love the car, love the looks, love the driving experience - but I decided it wasn't a car to do 20K miles plus in each year. It was noisy, skittish in the wet and too tricky to just pootle around town in - would adore one as a summer car though! grin.gif

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I have one of these as my current car. It has been my first 'offical' venture into Jap motors, and I have to say it has suprised me. smile.gif

My thoughts were to purchase a Boxster before the s2k presented itself, I have to say I under estimated how much I would grow to like this car. I use it as my main car, most of the time, purely because of the amount of 'fun' I feel it offers.

The gearbox has got to be one of the best on any car, short shifting and slick. The noise once in the v-tec zone (6k+) is just too addictive. I nearly forgot how good the noise was, as I removed the hard top this week and the car just reminds you whats its all about. Solid reliability and excellent dealer back up. Plus fairly good residuals to back up, being a relatively 'rare' car.

You'll find this car will suit, if you like the feeling of constantly driving a 'grown-up' go kart. Foot down and constant gear changes. If you can live with driving like that, you'll have no problems having it as your daily driver, except maybe in winter(snow) when 240bhp/rwd and no tc can turn into Flush.gif Guess this is why so many people say its perfect as a second 'summer' car.

Lots more s2k info can be found on s2k forum, on www.s2ki.com > UK community


Looking at your above list, whats put you off the Focus ST, especially if your looking to chip the GTI?


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Looking at your above list, whats put you off the Focus ST, especially if your looking to chip the GTI?

[/ QUOTE ]

Just dont like the look of it !!!

A quick note though - Ford stealer I went to spouted bulls**t. Said he had driven both & stated the Gti only came alive above 7000rpm !!!

Me thinks he cant tell the differance between GTi & Civic Type R.


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