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[Audi A3/S3] Fading internal lights


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Hi guys,

My internal lights flash slowly on and off when driving or at a standstill. To stop it happening, I have to switch to off instead of switching on when doors open.

Any ideas?

The alarm keeps going off intermittently (so intermittently I haven't heard witnessed it - only the misses!) Could it be related?



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S3 alarm is notoriously quiet. Useless quiet infact.

A fault code, should be stored for whats setting the alarm off, although it doesnt give dates/times or frequency.

Internal lights are a stange one.

First thoughts was a dodgy door switch, (could set the alarm off too)

BUT, lights are triggered from the remote before you touch the doors, and or when you remove the key from the ignition, once you have turned of the ignition.

so i discounted the switches for now.

Maybe its the key removed sense in the ignition switch?

Vagcom might shed some light on it, if its something that can throw an error, but other than that, its the first time ive heard of it.

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