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[Audi A3/S3] S3 Starting trouble?!!


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As title really, just recently been having trouble starting the car (99 S3) seems to be turning over fine just taking to long to fire up, Probably holding the key for around 15-20secs rather than the usuall 5secs,

this occurs from cold and even from warm start and i get a smell of petrol afterwards,

Once started though the car runs fine as normall,

Only thing modded on the car is a forge 007 dv and a throttle body re-allingment,

Please help as im staring to worry and would rather avoid a trip to the stealers!!

beerchug.gif in advance guys and galls

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I think things to check would be:

- battery (that it's holding charge and isn't shorting/discharging when engine isn't running)

- plugs (clean, no water ingress and functional)

and finally that you're not flooding the engine with petrol by depressing the accelerator during startup...

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