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Got round to using Meguiars.


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This evening about 7pm i had a go at using some Meguiars products. As my car was a little dusty and had some water spots from my windscreen washers i decided to test out some Quick Detailer. Wrll have to say this stuff is excellent and for me a god send for in between waxing...it really did bring out a good shine without any visable scratches.

Anyway decided to wash the car using some Gold Class Wash. Produced some nice suds although not as much as the Zymol Shampoo i was using plus it didn't smell as nice as the banana and coconut in the Zymol! smashfreakB.gif Anyway i wasn't too concerned as that doesn't help with cleaning my car! It cleaned the car well and water fell of in sheets..i was well impressed..it was better than the Zymol stuff and slightlty better than the Autoglym stuff which i feel never produces many suds but does provide good cleaning and water repellent properties.

Got the car dried with my synthetic chamois...and pulled out the Gold Class Wax with the applicator. Applying it was a sinch and a little bit went such a long way....i ended up doing the whole car while chatting to a neighbour. However this was my mistake! although in the instructions it tells you to do the whole car i should have done each panel. By the time i came round to buffing it was rock hard and a b*itch to take off...in the this heat i expected it to be!! The microfibre cloth i use is supplied from a professional bodyshop and is excellent quality..even with this it was hard work. Next time i'm gonna do each panel and wipe of soon after. Anyway to the finish Well i have to agree with others that it does provide a deeper shine...and a good reflective finish...on my black car it is most noticable...and under the petrol station lights the thing looked immaculate!

Note to Bushy...i don't think you should bother with inferior cloths etc...the cheopo ones i bought were exactly that! cheap...i will end up using them for cleaning my windows with windolene or interior polishing.

i wish i had some photos...but my camera was confiscated by the police after i was caught behind some bushes. sekret.gif

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I did too the other day. (Gold class wax)

Its harder to apply/remove than the Swissol wax i recently got, but results far more pleasing. With Swissol, i found that i seemed to get buffing marks, which went what ever way i waxed, and didnt look very good in bright sun. You could "see" where you had been.

It could be the way i applied it tho, as the Swissol guy got fantastic results.

one thing i found with the Gold class wax, you soon get through the buffing microfibre towels (my swissol ones) as they become tacky

Overall im impressed with the Maguires! and have resorted to using the swissol on my mirrors, plastics, numberplates and rubbers seals etc!

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