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The dealer has swirled me car


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Right Chaps some help please.History Lesson first.

Picked car up April 18th.

Picked a dent in door outside my office April 19th suicide.gif

Still, the culprit owned up & paid up

Dealer repaired leaving paintwork swirly scratched to hell. fekr.gif

They have had it back all last week re done but still not good, swirl scratching & i think a bit dull.

Car as you will see is Phantom Black so it shows.

I am thinking that tomorrow of doing the following.

Wash (mit of course)

Water magnet & m/f cloth.


mags stage 1

NXT wax

Will this sort it or any other suggestions would be greatly greatly appreciated.

Not even going to attampt to take it back to dealer it would be a complete waste of time.

Many thanks in advance


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