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[Audi A3/S3] Warranty Renewal...


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Ok guys,

Wondering if you could help meout here a little.

My warranty is due for renewal in July this year, car is an 2002 S3, will hit the 40K by then and I have had an Audi Dealer warranty for the last year.

I really should renew as I've had a few little nasty surprises with the car already...

...what do you recommend and what sort of price am I looking at?

Will keep the car for 1 more year I think.

Cheers people! 169144-ok.gif

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An Audi one (sold on their behalf by Modial) is £874 for a year, with a vehicle of less than 100,000 miles.

it covers most things upto the valuse of the car when new.

http://www.warrantiesonline.co.uk/ get a very good write up on the TT forum and costs about half the price.

as i understand it...

you pay an excess on every claim at least £50

have to pay out yourself first and claim back (although they are supposed to be very quick)

Only has unlimited claims upto value of £4-5K dependant on mileage/cover plan

you get breakdown cover

I went with the Audi one.

No hassels, no quibble,

breakdown Covered by RAC/Audi Assist

and i like the way you tend to jump the queue if a dealer visit is required, and your supplied a courtesy car etc.

I cant afford for my car to be dropped off at a garage (your one choice in the event of a tow) to find out they are booked up for a month before they can look at it.

Nor can i afford expensive supprises if and when i venture onto the housing ladder.

Yes the Audi one is expensive, but its peace of mind, and it doesnt take alot of their labour to eat into that £874 quid let alone parts.

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Thanks alot for your help Paul! You're a legend!

I think I'm going to renew the Audi warranty just as you have, at least it's peace of mind!

I've already had at least £1500 of warranty work done on my car since purchase and as you say, it doesn't take much!!!

My insurance should be going down subtantially this year so hopefully it won't be too much of a hit!

Thanks again! beerchug.gif169144-ok.gif

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I reckon I would agree - we had an A4 1.9 tdi 130 bhp and did not renew the warranty on the car and 3 weeks out of warranty the flippin gearbox/clutch went tits up and it was a £3k bill! Yeah we got some help from Audi UK but I would certainly recommend the Audi warranty because the hassle factor is at one persons door (sp to speak) and as Paul says you get Audi Assist built in which is good.

Hope you get it sorted.


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I have a 2002 S3 and as Paul mentioned above the warranty is supplied via Mondial and cost me £874 ish. Ok, its expensive but I have had my car back to the garage quite a few times and its good to know that as soon as I think something isn't quite right a visit to the dealer gets it all sorted, no questions asked.

I have read other posts on other websites whereby some warranties aren't worth the paper they are written on so I would personally stick to the one recommended by Audi.

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